Here is the terms and conditions of buying from us

Our vehicles are in excellent running condition, no damage, can be registered in buyer country, full documentation and 6 months warranty for used vehicles. Delivery directly to the buyer address with the best delivery company (DHL), with no delivery charge for the buyer. The delivery time is 3 to 4 days. With the vehicle the buyer will receive all papers and history of the vehicle and the sale-purchase agreement between the seller and the buyer.

The buyer need to register and make the order on our website.
We check data of the buyer and register/validate the order. During this time the vehicle is reserved only for the buyer. We starting the delivery by DHL Express and we confirm and provide to buyer the delivery confirmation including the invoice of the order. Buyer receive the delivery confirmation by e-mail address that the buyer have registered on our website.
After receive the delivery confirmation from us and see that we have started the delivery and the buyer have all information of it, the buyer must to confirm us the payment for the order.
If there is a problem with the vehicle ordered, with its documents and the buyer decides not to buy the vehicle, we return in 24 hours all money sent by the buyer and we return the vehicle back to us, all at the expense of our company.
If the total amount of the vehicle exceeds € 3.000, payment will be divided into two parts. First payment will be € 1.500 and the remaining amount will be sent by the buyer after receiving and testing the vehicle.
If the total amount of the vehicle does not exceed € 3.000, the payment will be made only once (the total amount of the vehicle).
The delivery takes 3 to 4 days until the buyer receive the vehicle.

The buyer have a 30 days return policy time that can inspect the vehicle and if are not satisfied with it, we come back to the buyer address to pick up the vehicle. Any return to us will automatically give to buyer a full refund.

Including with vehicle, the buyer receive all papers of it, history documentation, the certificate warranty of 6 months and the invoice.
Also when the buyer receives the vehicle ordered from us, the documents and all that is necessary, he will also receive the contract of sale between us and the buyer that he has to sign and he must have with him the identity document.