Encryption refers to how your identification and financial data is sent over the internet, and whether it can be decoded by someone looking at that data. Our store uses an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate to ensure that all your data is encrypted with 128 bits to secure your data (capable to 256 bit encryption). On pages that require secure transmission of data (for example, payment for a product) you will see https:// on the browser's address bar rather than the usual http://. This means that data is encrypted using SSL.

Storage of your identification data
Your identification data, such as name, e-mail and shipping address, are stored on secure servers requiring authentication.

Method of Payment

For the payment we accept only bank transfer due numerous attempts of misinterpretation of identity for orders when credit cards and PayPal were implied.
All the bank transfer payments are insured by the sender's bank and are made to our company's registered bank account implied EU customer protection and respecting EU law for sellers.
When you pay by Bank Transfer, you will use your own bank website, and so we have no access to your financial information.

This business is done from A to Z through the Amazon platform and warranty program. The transaction is made via Amazon Payments.

- Through this system, the buyer pays to Amazon and not to us (SELLER - Agroland 24 Baumaschinen S.A.) .

In the event that the vehicle does not match with the description, Amazon will cancel the transaction and refund your money within 24 hours.