The Buyer receives from our company a contract of sale with order (for added items to shopping basket) Our company financial policy accepts for payment only Bank Transfer (especially for high amounts due to European legislation reguarding money laundering) The Buyer will make the advance payment under the received bank transfer information, so the product can reach the delivery address.
After the bank transfer is made, send scanned paper payment information (24-72hours) attached to our e-mail.

Delivery time is 3 work days. In the case of a misunderstanding, the buyer has the right to return the product within 30 days, with a refund of the full purchase price and Pick up on our part. Terms and conditions apply only if you decide to buy and follow the shopping basket steps.

Only our general terms of delivery and payment, other conditions are not valid. These terms and conditions of our company ( "Seller"), unless otherwise agreed apply to all sales, deliveries and services of the seller to the customer. With the dispatch / delivery of his order, the customer and content validity of these terms and conditions. On the regulations that apply exclusively to the Terms & Conditions beyond legal requirements. The purchase comes with the buyer's order, and is binding, if the order is confirmed by the buyer (items in your basket). We need the purchase price wired with a regular bank transfer to our bank account, so the store can send the purchased product, exclusively by freight carrier with a large delivery company. The contract language is German, French, Spain or English. The final contract between buyer and seller concluded as follows: By clicking the "Add to shopping basket" , the selected items are stored in the buyer's personal shopping cart-basket Once the chosen items are placed in the shopping basket by the manner described above, the order process begins by clicking the checkout button. This part of the order process is required for the completion an recording of the order data. By clicking the "Terms & Conditions" field the Buyer agrees with the following Seller`s terms and conditions .

Accordingly, a summary of the order and contract data. By clicking the "Order", the buyer makes a binding offer for the purchase of the items added to the shopping basket . Written confirmation of the order data, under these Terms and Conditions, will be sent by identical e-mail message both to the buyer and seller. The ordering process can be ended by clicking the "Order" button at any time by closing the browser window or aborted. All order information is displayed before clicking the "Order" on the confirmation screen "order".